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Razi Membership Demographics Worldwide

o Total number of members as worldwide as of 7/22/2024 7:16:42 PM: 2372
o Total number of e-mail addresses listed: 2185
o Number of members listed by country:
    USA: 755

      California: 402
      Washington, DC: 94
      New York: 76
      Massachussets: 34
      Texas: 29
      Florida: 16
      Pennsylvania: 13
      Arizona: 13
      Washington State: 11
      Georgia: 10
      Other: 159
    Iran: 550
    France: 472

      Paris: 311
    Canada: 239

      Vancouver: 311
      Toronto: 104
      Montreal: 53
    England: 71
    Switzerland: 54
    Germany: 41
    Belgium: 28
    U.A.E.: 20
    Australia: 24
    Sweden: 14
    Japan: 5
o Number of members listed by occupation:

    Engineers: 460
    Students: 111
    Business Owners: 85
    Computers: 72
    Software Engineers/Developers: 64
    Architects: 55
    Professors: 54 Physicians: 47
    Attorneys: 47
    Ph.D.s: 41
    Dentists: 56
    Pharmacists: 28
    Researchers: 26
    Accountants: 20
    Management Consultant: 18
    Translators: 17
    Scientists: 16
    Psychologists: 15
    Retired: 8
    Hardware Engineers: 7
Additional Notes:
o "Graduation Year" is the year you graduated from high school. The high school you graduated from does not necessarily have to be Razi. It can be any high school anywhere in the world. This information would help others in locating people who were in their graduating class or promotion (e.g., 1977).
o If your name already exists in the Razi website, but you have forgotten your password, please refer to this page. Do NOT add your name again, since the database does not allow for two identical records to be created.
o To edit your own profile, click on Edit Name and follow the instructions on the ensuing screen.
o To conduct a search by individual, city, state, country or graduation year, click on the Search.
o To be removed from this site, please contact the Webmaster.
o Last, to contact the individual maintaining the Razi Alumni Association Website, please send an e-mail to Arsalan "Al" Navidi.
Thank you or your support and interest in this website.

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